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How long has the party been going?


The Parties were born out of a request from The United Nations, in 1979, to help celebrate the International Year of the Child. Since that time they have given children, who may otherwise have missed out on the round of Christmas activities, the chance to gather and share the magic of the Festive Season with a group larger than their immediate circle of family and carers.



What sort of children attend?


  • Age - birth to 12 years of age

  • Diagnosed with a life threatening illness or an illness that requires significant on-going medical treatment or hospitalisation – eg heart defects.

  • Eligibility for an EAP. This includes disability categories of autism spectrum disorder, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, physical impairment, speech-language impairment and vision impairment.

  • Children diagnosed with any of the disability categories above but not yet attending school and so not eligible for EAP.



Where do you source the children from?


We contact government and charitable organisations who deal with these children on a daily or weekly basis. e.g. Special Schools, Special Education Units, Leukaemia Foundation, Cerebral Palsy League, Women's Refuges, Department of Families and Shelters. Due to the privacy act, we are not allowed to know the names of children who attend, so we rely on the department heads of organisations such as these to apply on the children's behalf



I have children that are eligible to attend the party, where can I findout more information?


Please contact us on 1800 33 10 10



Is the advertising package available tax deductible?


As the package is classed as advertising, you may be able to claim the full amount as a tax deduction. Please consult your accountant for further information.



Why is there a G.S.T. (Goods & Services Tax) on the package?


A. Again, because the amount is classed as advertising, we have to charge an amount of 10% G.S.T.

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